1988 Established as Watake Logistics with capital of 10 million JPY
Business contents:Shipment, undertaking work in-plant, accident insurance agent
Masayuki Takefuta assigned as the president
1990 Received several undertaking businesses from each plant in industrial zone of Kashima
Head office moved to Kashima
1992 Commencement of transportation and assigned Maruto transport Co., Ltd.
Name changed to Asahimori Transport with capital of 15 million JPY
Masayuki Takefuta assigned as the president
Opened Narita branch at Tomisato City
1993 Head office moved to Kamisu city
Commencement of air cargo transport business corporation
Commencement of Shovel loader business with ZEN-NOH GREEN RESOURSES CORPORATION
1994 Opened Coop Fruit Juice Office with Coop Fruit Juice Co., Ltd.
1997 Dedicated shipment and undertaking work in-plant for Watake Logistics
Operated shipping logistics business officially
Opened Asahi office truck station and gas station at Asahi City
1998 Opened Narita air cargo branch office due to deregulation of air freight in Narita International Airport
2001 Opened air cargo packing center at Shibayama Town and moved Narita office
2003 Commencement of industrial collector and transporter buisiness
2004 Acquired a license employment agency at Kashima area and Narita area
2005 Opened M O Air office at South Sanrizuka
2006 Opened material warehouse and factory for cleaning accumulation of a radiopharmaceutical container at Sammu City
2007 Established Narita Central Distribution Center at Shibayama Town
2008 Acquired AEO at Narita Central Distribution Center by Tokyo Customs
Obtain constructed air conditioning warehouse and dust control for accurate instrument at Narita DC
2009 Acquired Intermodal Transportation at Port of Kashima
2010 Moved Narita Office at Honjo and summarized sales dep, shipping dep and truck station
Established AEO licensed Narita Packing and Distribution Centre (PDC) for air cargo business at South Sanrizuka
2011 Established Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant Branch Office within Nisshin Seifun Group Inc. Chiba Plant
Established South Narita International Airport Packing Center for large air cargo business at Yokoshibahikari Town
Established Narita Material Handling Centre (MHC) for soy sauce product and material store
2012 Established Yamasa Narita Factory Plant at Yamasa Narita Inc.
Established food process factory, gained a warehouse business license (Kanto Transport Bureau 2176th)
Achieved holding 80 forklifts
2013 Bought land for a new logistics center at Taragai
Established a new Choshi Office
Changed Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant Branch Office to Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant Office
Tied up with Hanyang International Logistics Limited
Established Tokyo branch office International Logistics Dep at Chiyoda City
2014 Established Narita East Logistics Center (ELC) : 24,504m²
Established O A Logistics Co., Ltd. with Okawa transport Co., Ltd.
Gained warehouse business license at ELC (Kanto Transport Bureau 2663rd)
2015 Moved head office from Kamisu city to Narita City
Started second factory at Coop Fruit Juice
Commissioned business from International Cargo Service
Installed solar photovoltaics at ELC
Built air conditioning warehouse at ELC: B building
2016 Commissioned business from Baraki Logistics Centre, MOL Logistics Co., Ltd.
Gained cosmetics produce license (12CZ200241) and built Dangerous Goods Warehouse at ELC
Certified as a marine transport container business operator (JP-16-11-A-0-1415)
2017 Authorized bonded warehouse at SLC by Yokohama Customs
Installed a cargo operation system dedicated air cargo handling
Set up a business alignment named A M Partnership
Established Narita West Logistics Centre at Sambugun Shibayama Town
2018 Established Narita South Logistics Centre (13,087m²)
Merged Narita DC and Narita West Logistics Centre : Established Narita Central DC : 7,600m²
Narita DC changed name to Narita Material Handling Center (MHC)
Completed first period construction for Port of Kashima Minamihama dangerous Goods Warehouse(1,000m²/8,017m²)
2019 Completed Port of Kashima Minamihama Dangerous Goods Warehouse:B building
Acquired AEO Specific bonded authorization system
Established air conditioning warehouse at Narita CDC (1,000m²)
Established Hanoi branch office in Viet Nam
Bought land for Port of Kashima North Marine Beach Logistics Centre (33,000m²)
Operated Narita South Second Logistics Centre (15,000m²)
2020 Certified AEO at Narita South Logistics Centre by Yokohama Customs
Operated Port of Kashima Minamihama Dangerous Goods Warehouse : C building
Certified Business Continuity Planning by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Installed Emergency dynamo at ELC
Bought hostelry for staff accommodation
2021 Changed Japanese trade name
Moved Tokyo branch office at Sumida City
Opened Narita South Third Logistics Center (15,000m²)
Dedicated a garden lantern to Katori-Jingu
Certified AEO at Narita South Second Logistics Center by Yokohama Customs