Photo by ASAHIMORI guest's house

Japanese traditional plant culture“BONSAI”

What’s BONSAI…?

One of the hobby

Some spices tree, glass and moss plant in flowerpot

Enjoying their forums

Take time to grow them different from gardening

Lovers caring weather and temperature to bring up elegant appearance


Photo by ASAHIMORI guest's house



Shape of leaves

Bark on the truck roots


Raise with much affection

Express beautiful and richness natural viewing

Showed respect mind for their caring

Loved people who regardless of ages, nationality and gender

History of BONSAI

It is said to be the beginning, aristocrats enjoy plants in small flowerpot in the Heian period.

After that they developed with prosperity of Higashiyama culture gorgeously and became familiar with Daimyo(authority in the Edo period) and common people widely in the Edo period.

Especially, in this period it’s became in trend that it was held competition Bonsai with each owning Bonsai potter among Daimyo.

Just around this time, it seems people began to use the word “Bonsai”.

Since then, we taking over brilliant Bonsai to future as Japanese art works.

Now that, it’s increasing foreigners' aficionados due to Bonsai well-received from all over the world.

Let’s bring up BONSAI

Strongly image; Japanese traditional oldest...hesitate to caring...

Point; after dried fertilizer, watering much and slowly

Depending on seasons it will change watering time

Airy place is best position!!

Freezing, strong sun lights and pests should be avoided

Prune is must be care for keep beautiful shape

Support for brunch by wire

Purpose on part of alive one will be grown while spoil one will be fix

Focused on originally magnificence and charms in flowerpot

Shape of tree and the way of grow leaves different from depending on tree

Kind of BONSAI

MATSU(Pine tree)

Normal standard tree spices

Not only matures but also beginners easy to care

It is come into bearing pine corns in October to December

Pine nuts growing inside of pine corns

Kind of BONSAI


Chinese juniper

Kind of BONSAI

Feel Japanese unique sense “Wabisabi”

No bloom flowers

Maple tree will be changed leave color in autumn season

Nettle tree/maple tree/Keyaki


Blooming flower spices

Japanese apricot is popular among aficionados due to kept away from pests

Japanese apricot/cherry blossom/wisteria

Kind of BONSAI
Kind of BONSAI

Blooming flower after it’s will be born fruits

Adorable spices


Enjoying turn appearances

Crabapple/Chinese quince

BONSAI aficionado

He developed his affection of BONSAI, regularly he participated in some exhibitions such as “SHINRYOKUFUTEN” and “Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrien Exhibition of Bonsai Dedicated to the Deities” by Nippon Suiseki Association”.

His artworks was display in these exhibitions, they highlighted powerful base roots, attractive atmosphere and it works for express respectful nature.

He enjoying encounter new people through this Japanese beautiful culture.

Today all over the world paid attention to “green” in the middle of serious environmental issue, and Bonsai positioning “symbol” of that one.

Watering Bonsai makes negative ions in the air and trees take into carbon dioxide while release oxygen.

We can feel clearly and fresh air from them.

It can be connected to protect environment to bring up Bonsai.

We will continue to trying struggle with environmental issue as a front line of logistics market.


Photo by ASAHIMORI guest's house

Exhibition of BONSAI“SHINRYOKUFUTEN”in Ueno Green Club

This exhibition have held around April in every year.

It smells fresh green in cozy end of spring wind.

We can feel early summer from dazzling verdant, strong vitalities and full of energy.

Apparently, it’s a perfect event for such season.

His artwork was exhibited under the drop curtain.

It seems all visitors fascinated with them.

There are some screening contents which evaluated from some aspects of each artwork on prize election, such as elegance of appearance, tree matching with flowerpot or pottery and harmony with side additives.

His artwork won a prize in a number of them.

Prized artworks feel like deeply touching and impression.

This is an honor prize in historical and traditional exhibition.

Exhibition of BONSAI 2

“Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrien Exhibition of Bonsai Dedicated to the Deities”

This exhibition have held around June in every year by Nippon Suiseki Association.

It was established for Bonsai and Suiseki* understand and take over next generations widely as Japanese traditional in 1961.

Bonsai which planted small pot can live for several centuries. It said that the oldest one is “Goyomatsu” a treasure of Iemitsu Tokugawa (Japanese historical person).

They expressed natural worship and lasting laps of time in one pot.

This is the big moment for them which usually lined up in owner’s garden.

Recently, drawing attention among foreigner fans.

Suiseki acknowledged finest part of natural art hobbies and sprits of Japanese beauty sense by general public.

Suiseki and Bonsai have closely relation due to it is said that they are wheels of vehicle.

*Suiseki…Landscape stone


Photo by ASAHIMORI guest's house


Our president Mr.Takefuta

He has some spices of plats in his house such as beautiful botanical garden

Four seasons scenery



Plants blooming
flowers in spring

Fresh green leaves
are growing in the
end of spring to
summer season

In autumn season we
can enjoy autumn
foliage in this garden if
we don’t go out
sightseeing spot


Enkianthus perulatus


It’s feeling like a Japanese garden just walking on laid stone pavemen His original oasis shows his passion for plants, and we appreciate finest part of nature

Japan has four distinct seasons, and each of them has their charms. Especially in winter season is really tasteful and we can enjoy stunning scenery…. This is entitling to see them while ensure freezing temperature!!


Photo by ASAHIMORI guest's house

Spotlight of his garden


Biggest and brilliant wisteria

Impressive elegance and softy

Its imaged women who wearing “Furisode” (known as Kimono)

Very familiar with Japanese

Flower language: welcome/steadfast


Beautiful foliage, tasteful tree stock and characteristic leave shape

Lived with Japanese since upon a time

Not only autumn, but also any other seasons turned leave color and patterns

Red, pink, yellow, white, purple

Flowers and seeds are minor


Also, here one of his hobby “Bonsai”

Special collaborate with natural beauty and artificial beauty

This is just reflecting as visualize scenery and nostalgic scenery in flowerpot

Everyday caring, that’s makes us affection and admire for them

Find their face and adjust the viewpoint to middle height of tree

Remembering summery to enjoy them due to there are some features each kind of pine tree


2021 Taikanten Bonsai Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan

Our CEO has won a Minister for Foreign Affairs Prize in the annual Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto.

2021 Taikanten Bonsai Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan

I will emphasize the environmental issues and preserve a bond which continues for hundreds of years for the sake of future generation.

Masayuki Takefuta

Our CEO has won a Minister for Foreign Affairs Prize in the annual Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto.

A Japanese Tsuyama cypress which our CEO received a prize.

Taking measures to solve the environmental issues by improve packing -Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions-

At Narita South Logistics Center, we developed reinforced corrugated cardboard which is 100% recyclable.

We will contribute to reduce CO2 and work on solve the environmental issues.

Hybrid structure of cardboard and wood

Hybrid structure of cardboard and wood

Comparing with wooden box

Comparing with wooden box,

reduce weight of 100kg

The corrugated Recycles symbol (left)

RESY Recycling symbol (right)

The Corrugated Recycle symbol is used worldwide to both promote the recycling of corrugated and advertise its ultimate recyclability.

The corrugated cardboards printed the recycle symbol will be shipped across the world and be reused to make new corrugates cardboard.

The corrugated Recycles symbol

Our reinforced corrugated cardboards are printed the RESY symbol which guarantees the complete disposal and reuse of all transport packaging.

RESY guarantees the complete disposal and reuse of all transport packaging bearing the RESY symbol. The legal use of the RESY symbol means that all the specifications of the German Packaging Law for transport packaging have been fulfilled.

Our reinforced corrugated cardboards will be smoothly collected and recycle because they fulfill their specific criteria.

Necessary to assemble wood box by men

Necessary to assemble wood box by men

Easily assembled cardboard by women

Easily assembled cardboard by women

It was necessary males to assemble heavy wooden boxes so far. However, reinforced corrugated cardboard is very light compared to wood, and easy to assemble. It has made females possible to assemble and much more safety.

Additionally, reinforced corrugated cardboard is ideal for heavy grade packing with same strength as wooden box, and can cut down on the use of cushioning with well shock absorption.

Furthermore, corrugated cardboard keeps moisture away from the products, which leads rotproof and mildew proofing.

6 layers corrugated coard with double dimensions

6 layers corrugated coard with double dimensions

The cardboard beams for load dispersion

The cardboard beams for load dispersion

Easy steps to assemble

Easy steps to assemble

Tighten Easily and strongly a special screw

Tighten Easily and strongly a special screw

Moreover, it is unnecessary a nailing machine becaude reinforced corrugated cardboard can be easily assembled. It means that there is no risk to get injured, safety is improved. We got a great increase in efficiency and productivity.

Easy steps to assemble

Covering tarpaulin cardboard cap at the bottom

Tighten Easily and strongly a special screw

Covering tarpaulin cardboard cap on the top

Tighten Easily and strongly a special screw

Completed packaging

293x208x156 (cm)
Wooden pallet
Packed material
Hybrid structure of cardboard and wood
Capacity of loading test
Up to 5t

60% of corrugated cardboard has been left when leaving at out of doos for 2 weeks includes raining, the product inside was completely protected. The result of charpy impact test showed durable level with same strength as wood.

As asahimori continues to grow, we replace materials to recyclable resources for environmental protection.

We agree with E-COMPASS (Environmental Co-Creation by Material, Process and Subcomponent Solutions) which Tokyo Electron announced that they will utilize every management resource at their disposal to tackle environmental challenges to drive the digitalization and greening of society.

We will choose sustainable solution and be mindful of our environment impact.

Familia with GREEN and NATURAL life

Familia with

Japanese national flower

From office window viewing cherry blossoms

Japanese believed in our symbol

That’s unexampled happens look forward to blooming one kind of flower whole nation

Blooming them same season as farewell and encounter in Japan

Familia with

Symbol tree

Center of parking in ELC

March-28 2014

in the middle of construction for ELC

Planted Camphor tree

Height:12m /Trunk circumference:3m

Tree planting will be decreasing emit CO2

One of strategy for global warming.

That makes us luxury relaxation time and it’s hard to feel stress.

Familia with GREEN and NATURAL life

Perfect car selection brings Perfect achievements

Perfect car selection brings Perfect achievements

Arranging ideal cars depending on purpose

  • ・available loading much and huge stuffs
  • ・transport to long distance
  • ・pick someone up
  • ・for sales

We lined up hybrid car to caring earth-friendly

In addition, we aiming meaningful work efficiency and job performance.

Pros and cons for hybrid car


-fuel efficiency

more expensive than usual gasoline models however it’s possible to reduce fuel cost and decreasing refuel efforts


keep low level emit to CO2 when electric running and allowed them to taxes reduction and dutyfree due to their environmental function passed standard value from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

-to maintain silent mode all time

engine sound almost of all nothing!! Don’t worry about noise stress.

-long lasting engine

light impact for burden to start up engine due to working combined with mooter drive


-expensive for purchase price

-there are cases for buttery lifespan may short

lifespan of drive buttery connect to fuel function unavoidable deterioration of efficiency no matter how good one

-no running sound

one of cause for traffic accident that’s why no sound makes hard to notice for pedestrians new strategy for accident that add to vehicle approaching notify equipment in these days

-inside of car space is narrow

equipped with big size mooter drive buttery -get high chance to inefficiency fuel depending on running condition on express-way, mountainous area without signal there are not makes use of their feature and pros

Reducing CO2 Emission through The Transportation of a Full Trailer Vehicle

The world is facing urgent such as global warming, air pollution in metropolitan and so on need to address in recent years.

Unfortunately, despite some improvements in fuel consumption efficiency, these emission are still rising, mainly due to increasing road freight traffic.

In the middle of demanding environmental issue, ASAHIMORI associated in a common cause with Ohkawa Unyu Co.,Ltd.(-our supplier company in Kashima-City Ibaraki-Pref, 1000 vehicles owning) and we decided increase trunk transport using by full trailer vehicle.

We can expect to reducing CO2 emission, in addition they make effective and stable shipment due to carrying mass freight for two large vehicles by one at the same time.

Also, this transportation can stay items in one track from our warehouse to destination. It means that it will not move until it has packed. It is ideal to move high-value, high-risk items or heavy haul items across long distances.

Additionally, it leads to solve chronic driver shortages.

Asahimori is confident that those approaches will be a logistics solution.

Familia with GREEN and NATURAL life Familia with GREEN and NATURAL life Familia with GREEN and NATURAL life