Japanese Culture Experience

We took our Vietnamese Employees to Narita Gion Festival to let them feel traditional Japanese summer by themselves. Kimono enable sticky season cool and literally transform themselves as a local. We are grateful they enjoying festivities and matsuri during the summer season.

It is the major event on behalf of Narita of the early summer when more than 400000 visitors gather in usual.

Japanese Culture Experience

Our president wearing kamishimo
kimono at Setsubun Festival

Setsubun Festival in Narita-san

What’s Setsubun??

-The last day of winter, that’s means it will be began spring next day. Setsubun is celebrate the coming of spring. This culture was widening all areas of domestic as Japanese traditional event purpose on getting rid of evils and welcoming happiness by throwing dried soybeans.

This custom came from China. Beans often linked “worn” (both beans and worn looks like sound in Japanese), and it is effective for event of kick out “Oni”(devil or demon) from our house or mind by throwing beans.

Also, we eat beans as number as our age because we pray our health.

Setsubun Festival in Naritasan

In February-3 there was held “Setsubune” in Naritasan. This event hoped national peace, enough supplies and stable nation’s life, rich harvests and good comes out of evil to god.

Every year many people visit to there and live on news. In addition, we invite many celebrities and singers however due to in the middle of pandemic avoid to crowds, so it was despaired of their participate and no spectators.

In holding this event there were some new rules for COVID-19 made such as admission restrictions for main hall, cancel to distribute to Omamori and beans as souvenirs and so on.

Participates shouted “Oniwasoto, Fukuwauchi!”(Devils out! Happiness in!) at the same time everyone throwed dried soybeans and they got annual fortunes!!

Japanese Culture Experience

Our president take part in
this event every year.

Beautiful artistic embroidery work

It’s here, we can enjoy fine art even for a moment!!

Made by Mrs. NGUYEN THI LE THU from Vietnam one of our staff.

She took the time of 3month for this stunning peacock design.

You can see this artwork at hole second level in our headquarter office.

It seems her hometown; Vietnam is famous for embroidery culture.

Vietnamese embroidery skills acknowledged all over the world.

Have you ever seen like this embroidery artworks production??

(Reference: photo)

They say that Vietnamese women customs embroidery to decorate their clothes and inside of house such as cooking and soring.

Also, embroider is essential ingredients for Vietnamese traditional dress;“Aodai” and scarf made by silk.

In the middle of war, they claim world peace and they sawn poems and pictures symbolized liberty on towel, fans and kids wears.

Therefore, embroidery values how to express their sprits in such as history that left tracks of wars and colonial roles.

Japanese Culture Experience