Authorized Economic Operator Program(AEO)

Authorized Economic Operator Program

・What‘s AEO system...?

This is constructed partnership system between privately corporation and custom.

Certified as excellently compliance and keep top-level security.

Narita East Logistics Center

Narita South Logistics Center

We were certified as AEO

Warehouse Operator from Director-General of Tokyo

Customs on April 12, 2019.

Authorized Economic Operator Program

keep safety and

reliable social


accurately and equally


work effectively

and smoothly


Our activity…

We protecting our items note about the followings;

Adjusting our compliance

completely compliance system

(CEO, Multiple administration unit, Monitoring station unit)

following constructed PDCA cycle posting Multiple administration unit and Monitoring station unit

Keeping top-level security

Pilferages→illegal drugs, take away shot guns and stolen widely distributed products

Swapping/Snaking→ export/import prohibited items and restricted items

Notify→suspicious information sharing with whole staffs and custom

Activating accurately custom procedure

established company organization and programmed job procedure

arranged educational training program

risk management maintenance

AEO notified storage yard

  • Certified Director-General of Tokyo Customs Certificate code: 19A00101
  • Total area of storage yard: about 4304sq.ft.
  • Our mainly items: scientific products, cosmetics and skin care goods
  • Owning *NACCS installed computer: 5

*NACCS… Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System

That is system for online progressing of procedures taken with customs and other relevant administration authorities or related private-sector service for arriving/departing ships and aircraft or import/export cargo

AEO notified storage yard

The direct distance between Tokyo Custom Narita airport Cargo and Consultant dept. and Narita East Logistics Center 4.5km

We have been certified by
Business Continuity Planning(BCP)

Authorized Economic Operator Program

We worked tirelessly on the business continuation strengthen project which is aided by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Therefore have been certified our plan for disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction at both warehouses in Narita and Kashima.

Certified Warehouses

Narita East Logistics Centre ・Narita South Logistics Centre ・Port of Kashima Minamihama Dangerous Good Warehouse・Narita Central Distribution Centre(CDC)

Prepare for disaster, Get strength for BCP

We are aiming to support the economics of region and keep employee safe and the condition of being employed.

Furthermore, have attempted to sustain and develop our relationships between counterparty companies as a reliable company.

As a result, those achievements have been admired highly,

we have been certified by Business Continuity Planning.