Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant

Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant

  • Address: 8-1, Shinminato, Minamihama-Ku, Chiba City, Chiba-Pref within Nsshin Flour Milling Inc. Chiba Plant
  • Started operate: April-1 2011

It is great honor for a temporally branch office established together with Nisshin Flour Milling Inc.

We were initiated to quality assurance of products from them.

They keeping the faith that think deeply consumer’s health that brings best performance.

In a factory full of sprits to be foundation of Japanese flour, we effort to live up to their enthusiasms with no accidents, no disasters.

Nisshin Seifun Chiba Plant

Under the slogan “Safety and stability of Foods”

here is stable providing high quality products for bulk suppliers widely beside continue to challenges as an international leading company.

We undertaking processing products, checking machine some inoperative or not, packing with filling machine and shipping function in this factory.

There is highly durable building construction even if we have experienced earthquake, we can manufacture flour with no problem.

For example, installing function of vibration control at automatically warehouse.

It is enabled to control shaking and prevent to load collapse.

Also, electric board and control panel for some machines are install at upstairs in factory protect from Tsunami by earthquake.

We never stop supply them to consumers due to such as perfect factory operation.

It is worthwhile like that involved with the core of people’s life with their hand over the baton passionately.