Our Attempt

General labor dispatcher
General labor dispatcher

Our Attempt : Replacing Wooden Box to Cardboard Packing

We are trying to use corrugated cardboard packing instead of wooden box packing for less environmental impact.

Comparing with wooden box packing, enable to box lightweight for about a tenth of the original weight. Also, it causes the reduce of cushioning material too.

Corrugated board packaging has two unique positive attributes. It is based on a renewable raw material, using as a starting point the capacity of forests to capture CO2. By recycling the used packaging into new paper and board, it delays this CO2 from returning to the atmosphere.

Furthermore, it is beneficial to work safety, logistics optimisation and environmental sustainability. At last, we succeed to reduce the cost of loading cargos to aeroplane about one third of the original fee.

“Many drops make a shower.” We are going to do what we can for now.

We also installed a cardboard cutting machine which using a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.

It is able to cut acrylic board and carton box too. It is extremely useful to produce optimal shape whatever we need.