Happy New Year 2019!!

We will continue to focus on keeping good relationship between distribution and community.

In addition, this is challenging year for us.

That will be finished built Port of Kashima Minamihama dangerous goods warehouse and new construction for Narita brunch office.

Thank you for using our service!!

We hope you have great year 2019...

Happy New Year 2019!!

Even WOMAN can make a vision for work long term

Casual-Office Wear Day

On January-23 2019 we visited Tokyo Custom due to participated in“Women Worker Training”.

Ms. Nakata who working in Tokyo Custom as a custom staff in public relations section.

She initiated us her experiences and her job history in abroad custom clearance.

In addition, she showed us “Jyohohiroba”(exhibition room for custom information) where we can learn about their duties and functions for custom.

It’s dramatically changed working environment for women in modern Japanese society.

Unfortunately, gender gap compared our country with abroad it’s been late this circumstance.

We hope improve this situation such as profitable benefits for woman, and they can use them without hesitate.

We expecting their abilities!!

On February-14 2019 we held arrival ceremony for 8 newcomers.

We employed them from TRAENCO INTERNATIONAL.,JSC in Vietnam.

They will assign for each place Narita East Distribution Center, Narita South Distribution Center and Kashima brunch office.

Welcome to ASAHIMORI and we looking forward to work with them.

Casual-Office Wear Day
International Women's Day

International Women's Day

8th March is the day to dedicate women gifts and flower in Viet Nam.

However, we think it could say instead of giving flowers or celebrating women as passive beauties, International Women’s Day is when attention should be drawn to real efforts to promote gender equality, highlight women leaders and entrepreneurs, encourage debate on equality challenges and, provide space for the voices of women to be heard.

Our general manager gave Vietnamese women flowers on the day to celebrate an International Women’s Day.

Not possessing, not let having and not allowing entry into the country

Inspection for illegal drug

We held inspection for illegal drugs by urinalysis.

As an operating air cargo company, it is not able to avoid about that for us because we prove sincere attitude to community and clients.

Date: June-7 2019

Inspection method: urinalysis

Target staff: 10 people

Results: all of people NEGATIVE

Welcome to Asahimori
Casual-Office Wear Day

Gather everyone who want to work in Japan!!

Human resource team visited TRAENCO INTERNATIONAL.,JSC in Vietnam on July-25 to 27 as recruitmen

We employed them from TRAENCO INTERNATIONAL.,JSC

Observed education center, interview for candidates and explanation of employment system and our company introduction for their family.

It was decided that 8 people new workmates will join us next March!!

Construction going to be all right

We held ceremony of sanctifying ground at remained site of Narita brunch office purpose on new business redevelopment on October-18 2019.

Thank you for participated to our event and we will continue to profitable work for clients.

What’s ceremony of sanctifying ground??

-ceremony for praying safety to build buildings or houses

Following three reasons for ceremony

-get permission from god who protects each land

-praying safety of construction

-hope for prosperity of residents

Rainy weather means lucky for this ceremony because it’s rinse away dirt.

Casual-Office Wear Day
Welcome to Asahimori

Quality assurance of mine

Our staff got excellence award on the 26th collection of paper “Quality assurance of mine” held by HIROSE ELECTRIC that our important customer on November-26.

Total number of application was 4672 paper included in abroad.

This was highest on record and elected 13 people as prize candidates.

Such as result makes us encourage for our duty and we will be keeping high quality service!!