Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori

The gate

Tire washer at the gate to prevent getting an epidemic

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori

Non-contact thermometer

We ask all not to entre if having a fever over 98.6℉(37℃).

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori

Reception Room

Install an acrylic panel.

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori


Set a Hand sanitizer and mask

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori


Install acrylic panels between them

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori


Run a ventilator regularly and keep the windows open.

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori


Set the chairs not to face each other

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori

The sink

Automatic faucet and a paper towel Instead of air towel.

Preventing COVID-19 in Asahimori

Abuse of authority training

For upper class managements

By Social insurance labor corporation

KAN Support Office

March-3 2021

Abuse of authority training

Purpose on this training

  • Currently situation about Abuse of authority
  • Learn about prevention method
  • The way stop to them
  • Minato Shipment company

From June-1 2020

It was mandatory improve measure for Abuse of authority

We must form peaceful organization…

Abuse of authority training

The measure for prevent to Abuse of authority

  • To clarity policy of CEO and announcement/educate
  • Maintenance for necessaries to apply
  • Just in case take the measure for victim politely and quickly
  • Protect to privacy for victims and harassers

Currently situation

Have you ever experienced Abuse of authority in the past 3 years??

Abuse of authority training

What did you do after experience??

Abuse of authority training

The reason why we need prevent for Abuse of authority

harassers side

-in company

regulation of punishment(depending on labor regulations):reduction salary/ demote / castigation / suspend /dismissal / disciplinary dismissal and so on

-claim for damages as civil responsibility

harasser…responsibility for unlawful action

company…responsibility for defaulted mandatory tasks as hirer

-criminal punishment

defamation/insult/threatening crime/assault crime/injury crime and so on

→will be lose reliable for society, positions of society and an end to a family…

It’s ruin for your life!!

Definition and example

  • Even if situation that superiority relationship
  • Excessive action and words on duty
  • Harm for someone’s workplace
  • Not only inside of company, but also outside where someone currying out their duties.
Abuse of authority training

6 kind of Actions for Abuse of Authority

  1. attack for physical

    ex))kicking/grab someone’s shirts/pull someone’s hair/throw fired cigarettes


  3. attack for mentally

    ex))talk loudly mistakes in public/denied something dignity

    threatening crime・defamation・insult heavily abuse

  4. isolation



  1. high volume workload

    ex)) frequently over time work for imposed to heavily workload/force to endress duties

    obliviously needless something on duty or force to something for unable to work/disturb on purpose

  2. too low volume workload

    ex))order to too low degree work with louder voice in public/beyond the scope of each work

    indicated low level work ignore to their experiences and abilities/non-provided any work

  3. invasion of privacy

    ex))asked about significant other and importune to marriage/speak ill of their faithed religions

    invasion to private

Definition and some types of sexual harassment

On their duty…

  • Unprofitable labor conditions
  • Harm for workplace by sexual words and action
Definition and some types of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment Encyclopedia


insistently, forcefully ask dating or go out

if you will refuse…bad mood

if you will stand…escalate asking

unrequited crush on victim/just a selfish attitude

Definition and some types of sexual harassment

Type2: Touching body

grove hands/stroke hair/touching body/hugging

Actual person believed in just communication

Definition and some types of sexual harassment

Type3: Remarks

talk about obscene/asking deeply privacy/kidding for physical or appearance

Assuming for personality and ability depending on gender

They intend to snapped and insensitive about other’s feeling or painful

Definition and some types of sexual harassment




Definition and some types of sexual harassment

Definition of Maternity harassment

  • Unpleasant remarks from workmates due to use benefits for pregnant, birth, childcare and care for elderly parents
  • Harm for workplace or suffer from disadvantage treatment

Maternity harassment Encyclopedia

Type1: forced old-fashioned way of thinking

drive force into leave work such as statement“Woman should be housewife”

Type2: abuse of authority

even though pregnant and part-time employer for childcare forced to work same options as others

Type3: uncooperative

complain about make up for duty instead of someone with irritate

Type4: inflexible

favor for stable organization/deny diversity/disagree use for benefits

Prevent for Abuse of authority

The reasons for happening

-misunderstanding that action of scold someone bring good performance on duty

-lose control harasser temper

Problems at workplace

-lack of communications between boss and staffs

-work with full-time worker and part-timer together

-overtime work/difficult to take holiday

-unacceptable for mistakes

-intensified competitions/high volume workload/economic slump

-diversity for recruit statement/change mind

-lack of ethics/old-fashion

Prevent for Abuse of authority<

Prevent for Abuse of authority2

Understanding about this matter and attention to the others

We should not forget gently behaver for everyone

-justify or not about scold target and reason

-emotional control


-tell someone to improvements accurately without

offensive attitude

-refrain from remarks for caused misunderstanding

Cooperate with the recruit policy

Prevent for Abuse of authority<

Lower responsibility

Divide 4 stages depending on degree

-criminal law (forced sexual harassment)

do for sexual action using by abuse or threat

-civil law(damages for unlawful act)

should admit mistake people who damage other’s right or protected benefits under law by on purpose or fault

-Equal Employment Opportunity Law(measure for caused problem about sexual words and actions on recruit management)

CEO should take measures followings

#victims suffering from unprofitable treatments

#harm for victim’s workplace

#harm for pregnant workplace due to use benefits

#harm for employer who taking leaves due to use

benefits for childcare or elderly parents' care

Definition and some types of sexual harassment

Our Lobber Regulations

Prohibition for Harassment

We should respect for someone’s rights and dignities, and it’s not allowed to the followings.

#victims suffer from unprofitable treatment and others feel like uncomfortable atmosphere by harasser actions or words

→Sexual Harassment

#make worse mentally and physically distress exceeded blame someone use one’s rights that upper position on their duty

→Abuse of Authority

#bosses or colleagues harm for employments who take maternity leaves or leaves for childcare and elderly parents‘ care

→Maternity Harassment

#actions or words about sexual, abuse and suspicious behaver,also victims suffer from unprofitable treatment

-victims or be likely to it’s possible to take consultant or clam complaints for consulting service, in addition if those statements informed company must inspect and cope with about this matter quickly and accurately

-transfer or performance appraisal on their duty, victims and information providers promised to protect from company regulations

Our Lobber Regulations2

Warning/reprimand/salary reduction/suspension/demoted

There are various punishments depending on the situation

In the case of sexual harassment, Abuse of Authority and harassment for take some leaves

(dismissal or disciplinary dismissal)

relevant one of the following dismissal or disciplinary dismissal however it can be finding repentance or considerate for good business performance in the past then it’s may be other punishments

#after coped with warning or demoted it’s still not improved the situation

#against some regulations

(consultant service)

Company need operate consultant service such as victims claim complaints

#childcare leaves or part-time for that and elderly parents' care leaves or part-time for that

#sexual harassment and Abuse of Authority

#positions of part-time employments

#any other about regulation and some problems on daily duty

Structure for consultant whole process

Talk personally with victims or information provider

(importance and privacy for first touching)

Contents must be secret

Structure for consultant whole process

Confirmation of facts from harasser or others

Structure for consultant whole process

Consider for their intensions

ex))personal relocation/apology from harasser/support for improve their

relationship/recovery unprofitable situation/improve their workplace/caring for victim’s mental

【deserves discipline】

reprimand/salary reduction/demoted/suspension/disciplinary dismissal and so on

Structure for consultant whole process

Support for victims and harassers

Structure for consultant whole process

Prevention for recurrence

Structure for consultant whole process

If it happens for Harassment

Victims or information provider

-should not stand or escalate

-stop bothering alone!!

Should be consultant for bosses/human resources/consultant service

-human resource and consultant service will be telling for bosses and harasser

Witnesses for harassment

-connive brings uncomfortable atmosphere on your duty

-it will be may to be a victim

Who consulted from victim

-keep in your mind equally and quickly

-ask victim’s situation and harassment details

-informing bosses or human resource with their permission

-pay attention to private information

Each section contact number

Human resource

Extension line○○

Consultant service in house

Extension line○○

Another consultant service