Narita United Football club

One of our employee belong to football club named Narita United in Narita.

In 2017, the club was founded and belong as the Chiba prefecture adult soccer first league. They established Narita sports club Co., Ltd. to get more community-based. They are working to be promoted to J league these days.

Under the slogan of “community-based” and “cultivating talented men”, they actively take part for own efforts toward prosperity and build a prosperous.

Asahimori has a similar intention with their slogan, so that we keep supporting as his employer.

Narita United Football club

Fireworks Festival

To be a community-based company!!

We have been providing the tickets to children who belong to a child development support center every year. We are very grateful to see that they are enjoying a grand display of fireworks. Also, we have paid money as a sponsor to NARITA Fireworks festival in Inbanuma . We feel it meaningful to do something for the local society.

As the result of inviting children and their parents, they sent a letter which says it was wonderful fireworks ever.

This festival is held by volunteers and fireworks technicians. It is attracted a lot of attention in the media and evaluated highly with their variety of design and entertainment technology.

Fireworks Festival

Local Production for Local Consumption

We made a contribution to the local producers!

We have used to buy Tako Rice (Tako is next city from our place) from producer directly. It means intermediary costs can be reduced, such as transportation and packaging costs. Moreover, they can reduce the loss of their marketable products. Since they do not have to deliver over a long distance, their products are not damaged in delivery. Furthermore, they can sell their products without caring too much about their shape and size since local markets usually do not have strict standards for the product shape and size.

There are lots of good things for both. It has a great popularity at the staff canteen. We keep going those contribution for years.

Local Production for Local Consumption

Dedicated garden lantern in Katori-Jingu

What’s Katori-Jingu??

Location: Katori-City, Chiba-Pref

Enshrined with worship: Futsunushinookami(god of martial art) in Chronicles of Japan

Among people believing in him as god of martial arts

Benefits: peace and prosperity in the household, prosperous business, safety of traffic, protect against evils, pray for academic success, safe birth, fulfillment of wishes and so on

Feature: famous and popular among wide nation as power spot

“The shrine let us win for game of life”

Dedicated garden lantern in Katori-Jingu

Purpose on this event

-praying for our prosperity and staff's health

Garden lantern is not just a light, they dedicated from prayers purpose on turn light on in front of god because we wish god bless us strongly, we continuing to put our heart and soul such as regional contribution activity.

Originally meanings for Garden lantern

- in Buddhist it is believed that turning on the lights can be evil sprits driven away, and it has been inherited custom of lights at Buddhist altar in modern life

Also, that is effectively for guide to lead our ancestors.

Water Lanterns and lanterns festival which held wide nation in Japan for our ancestor's memorial service and repose of their soul.

Now that, they have chosen to composed garden design as one part to create Japanese taste and relaxing people.

Dedicated garden lantern in Katori-Jingu

Mainly ceremony

Cleans ourself guilty and uncleanness in front of alters and make our wish happens by ritual prayer

-first of all, we should be present at ceremony without uncleanness wash our hands and rinsing our mouth at purification fountain in shrine

-after ceremony beginning, we should bow to god with politely attitude

Norito-Sojo(the recital of Shinto prayers )

In Japan, we have some opportunities to hear Norit-Sojo in formal public situation such as Japanese style wedding, Omiyamairi(pray for the health of the baby at a shrine) , Shichigosan(celebration of child’s third fifth and seventh years), exorcism and so on.

-Shinto priesthood tells contents of wish for god instead of us by words

it’s effect to conversation with god and we can gain some benefits

-they can remove evil feeling and thinking

we saving unnecessary energy such as hate, sadness and frustrations in our daily life.

Norito-Sojo works on exorcism Kotodama that’s means get back true ourself

-during ceremony we should continue to pray to bow our heads

Receiving honorary certification of Appreciate

-for our worship feeling and dedication of garden lantern from Katori-Jingu

We felt tense in the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony.

Mainly ceremony
Mainly ceremony

Dedicated garden lantern

It is just entrance of another world at the Jingu guard frame which is vivid orange red color.
Dedicated garden lantern
Dedicated garden lantern

If we come into the gate, there is graveled path, and we can taste attractive step on graves sound.

Walking on the loose slope, we can accept blessings of nature due to there planted cherry blossom trees and maple trees at both side of the path.

We found that Katori-Jingu having faith among people because many lanterns lined up along there.

Our lantern located in the path between entrance and Jingu mainly building.

We inspired that dedicated us such as admirable lantern, and we swore keep make safety and reliable and make further efforts in providing better service for customers and society.

Dedicated garden lantern