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Welcome to brightly newcomers!!

Developed highly functional cool box September-12 2012

It’s possible to keep ZERO degrees or less for 150hours!!

Combined use for special processing inner surface and cardboard materials makes keep cool effectively.

Packing by this method, it’s would be widened network for export.

Compared to conventional one keeping cool time is increase twice.

Before develop this items, we need repacking ice in destination or connection airport however new item needless repacking.

Fortunately, it will no harm for human body due to materials are hygienic.

Developing is continuing now!!

Aiming at to be 200hours keeping time.

”Air cargo market is slumping, but requests for good quality shipping is getting higher!! We hope contribute to some shipping industries.”

ASAHIMORI president remarks.

Improved highly functional cool boxes October-4 2013

2~8degreeds keeping for 116hours

It will be activated work in May. Last year they installed each system cool box and constant temperature shipping is dramatically growing!!

Widening cool business at new center

Combined use for special processing inner surface and cardboard materials makes keep cool effectively. Fortunately, it will no harm for human body due to materials are hygienic. New one fit for medicines’shipping. From now on various shipping company needs them. Proved available both climate cold and warm. And low cost proved is activate due to made from Styrofoam. Cause of such as highly demand ASAHIMORI made up their mind to build new facility.

Large distribution facility at Narita south district April-28 2015

Secured 100,000m² land for NEW facility in 2020

2020 will completed NEW facility ASAHIMORI president shows his policy for work efficiency and keep recruitments.

Fortunately, their achievements brings fully operation as international air cargo warehouse.

New facility aiming flexible warehouse operation.

Their facility structure reflected on shipper’s requests and their intension.

Recently, on distribution market facing an issue that lack of workers however there is gradually getting better about this situation compared with other peers in the same industry.

As one of the key to solve this situation, they will enhance some benefits such as nursery facility establish.

They used to operate as subcontract, then they don’t have any goal.

Now that they promised their future and focusing on responsibilities for their duties due to owning facilities.

Large distribution facility at Narita south district April-28 2015②

Maintenance for constant temperature storage

Improving two existing facilities and they will start operate on May.

Clients who relevant precision mechanical equipment will use them and others available. Expecting demand for medical items and cosmetics.

Also, they have perfect environment for cold chain that is why unloading cold items from truck to refrigerator transfer distance is too short. This is popular among shippers, and they had a great success.

In addition, they preparing for certificated as AEO Warehouse Operator.

The biggest feature of constructure of this center that high quality security same level as A rank of TAPA*.

Installing large X-ray inspection device brings work effectively and adjusting required works.

*TAPA…Transported Asset Protection Associate established in 1997/non-profit organization/certificated with judgement and approval on security level about warehouses and shipments

A rank…top –level security

Function maintenance for international distribution support April-28 2016

Narita Distribution Center(DC) is working well established in April 2014!!

They succussed owning constant temperature storage as a center of forwarder and maker for import/export.

Owning for highly functional and quality storage in stead of forwarder and extending achievement support for their operation in Narita district.

Mr.Takefuta-president of this company aim to providing construct system that cargo sorting to processing and cold chain to handling dangerous goods for one stop.

Especially, cold storage business is working well!!

It’s increasing requests for chemical items strictly adjusting constant temperature.

They are one of few facilities in Narita district.

In February, they got permission for cosmetics manufacture and it is passible to labeling and combined postage on instruction manual.

In April, started operate dangerous goods storage. They got permission for handling dangerous goods warehouses and respond to shipper’s requests which focusing on compliances.

Keeping an effort for client’s perspectives and improving CS, they just raising star in distribution industry.

New facility under constructing in Yokoshibahikari-Town in Chiba-Pre May-9 2017

Considering Liberalize of Government office

Handling semiconductor manufacturing device at highly functional storage

Designing all-weather type building for handling wood packing.

They arranging for various devices and equipment such as head over crane maximum 5-ton/6-ton calibration/table lifter/two 7-ton forklifts/13-ton fork and so on.

According to them this construction plan has been several years ago. The biggest purpose was semiconductor manufacturing device maker expanded their work.

Also, new center work for decreased number of shipment and it’s can be avoided damage risk.

There is based convenience area for air export and marine transportation.

DC working is doing well too!! Recently they secured new refrigerators and freezers.

They will be installing newest system for all duties warehousing operation to billing for clients in June.

This system designed some smart functions such as can be scales by automatically calibrations, contents and dates sending for terminal, and if some items damaged their contents can be sent to clients.

Dangerous Goods Warehouse at Port of Kashima April-8 2019

Collaborate with Narita base

Asahimori is planning to build 3 dangerous goods warehouses for cooperation with other warehouses to success the milk run.

There is a serious background which is most of other warehouses are getting too old, at the same time, needs from customer are increasing. They attempt to reply to what they request.

The warehouses will be fully equipped with such as dry chemical fire extinguishers and explosion-proof forklift.

The president of Asahimori, Masayuki Takefuta said that we will comply with client’s needs and keep safety with highperformance and the newest warehouse.

There are 15 employees who have a dangerous goods diploma, it means success of high-quality business.

Installing system for loading and unloading by barcode June-4 2019

Trying systematization on their duties

This attempt purpose on visual control and mistake reduction.

New system can be checking and matching for cargo that issue barcode based on information of invoice and delivery note.

They will add to new function for this system such as progress management that visualization each progress and checkable cargo status on monitor.

On next step expanding for visualization such as sharing information with clients.

Expectable construct system that aim flexible service of correction instruct.

By the way this is not for staff reduction however if they need new staffs cause of luck of workers, then they will recruit.

From a few years ago, they started accept Vietnamese staff as a technical intern trainee.

Now that about 30 people Vietnamese staffs working there. On their workplace arranged translator due to smoothly communication.

DC has great features. Owning for freezers, refrigerators and air conditioning storage, managing dangerous goods warehouses and all-weather type building.

Those features brings successful results for Japanese leading distribution market.

Narita South distribution Center Second renewal open and existing facilities focusing on cool keeping property August-18 2020

Continuing their efforts and challenging

Complying for highly demands of semiconductor manufacturing device

New center boasts vast site for some spaces parking and working various large vehicles.

Even if in the middle of influencing COVID-19 handling relevant semiconductor manufacturing is growing.

Also, they certificated as AEO Warehouse Operator from Yokohama Custom.

Using like that abilities they attempt to effectively facilities operation.

While in DS focusing on adjusted temperature function. There is not affected such as pandemic and assumed expand for business.

They will increase refrigerator and air conditioner storage in this autumn.

At the same time, planning for enhancement of emergency power supply equipment.

Business Expansion of dangerous Goods Warehouse November-6 2020

Getting prepare for acquiring AEO license in Kashima.

They set entrances and exits both front and back to avoid being crowed. Equipped a high-performance sprinkler, power backup and special ordered container ramps. Mainly they are handling a flammable liquid, however hand sanitizer is increasing because of COVID-19 these days. General manager said that there are very few dangerous goods warehouses in Japan so that a lot of order comes from around Japan. They seemed satisfied with handling them in this great warehouse. They are planning not only store but also packing too.

Asahimori is aiming to gain an AEO license to let all process one- stop in there. Additionally, they will be focus on development of marine transport. He also said that they wish to build up a scheme which based on Port of Kashima to expand our business and also, start handling engine as a dangerous goods too.

Furthermore, they have some huge air conditioner warehouse in several area. So that they are going to challenge for chemical storing need to be cold/freeze.

Full contract for export packing at Narita Opened new center by transferring facilities April-15 2021

Asahimori to Tokyo Electron BP Ltd*.

Asahimori received contract of fully distribution business from Tokyo Electron BP Ltd.

Semiconductor manufacturing device of export packing , storage and so on……

In addition, they started operate Narita South Logistics 3rd Center where Tokyo Electron used to use space as packing work.

Realized all-in-one operation cooperate with neighbor they owned facilities quickly and effectively distribution service proved for logistic market!!

*Tokyo Electron BP Ltd…Semiconductor industry

Optimizing for materials procure, storage, manufacture and delivery

They working on shipping semiconductor device for client’s factory, supplying materials for manufacture and parts of equipment maintenance for client.