A Message From The CEO

One of my favorite words is “Unsung Hero”

We founded a company in 1988, for physical distribution and port-related in Keihin and Keiyo districts. Then our company began to gain contracts from factories for tasks within their premises in Kashima coastal industrial zone..

Using this opportunity, we expanded into logistics market. In 1992, we moved into Narita district, establishing the company that has grown to be today’s organization. We are an integrated logistics company, marketing airport-related cargo business, packing and industrial selling. As a regional company, we are quick to respond to the needs of our client companies. We are planning and proposing the reduction of distribution costs, the reduction of human errors (wrong shipment) by using the POS incoming and outgoing system made by our company, and the efficiencies. We are ready to support our company’s competitive power; we will create trusted and valuable logistics by our richly experienced staff,by our quick measures and by our commitment to safety.